Yesterday, 17th of February 2015, began the registration period for the official Catalan language exams.

Institut Ramon Llull’s Certificates allows you to prove your level of knowledge of Catalan in both the academic and employment purposes (government, companies, institutions) and are divided into five levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages: Nivell bàsic (A2), Nivell elemental (B1), Nivell intermedi (B2), Nivell de suficiència (C1), Nivell superior (C2).

All of them will take place at the University of Birmingham. Here are the dates for the International Certificate of Catalan Language exams. To register click on the following link:

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For further information, check the website:

Or contact directly Gemma Segura:


Catalan Studies at the University of Birmingham is pleased to invite you to the screening of the road movie “Mai és tan fosc” (It’s never darker) directed by Èrika Sánchez. This documentary draws a portrait of Arcadi Oliveres through his fascinating biography and the evolution of social movements. (24th February, 4-6pm, Muirhead Tower G15, UoB).

Arcadi Oliveres is a Catalan economist and a renowned activist for social justice and peace. In all these years, Arcadi Oliveres has devoted his energies to many issues: the reporting of external debt, inequality, unfair North-South economic relations, war, militarism, military research and military expenditure; the need for increased development aid in favor of disarmament, the recognition of conscientious objection to military service and military spending in favor of the promotion of responsible consumption, ethical banking and the ways of a “solidarity economy”, etc.
Èrika Sánchez is a director born in Barcelona in 1983. She earned a degree in Audiovisual Communication for the Universitat Ramon Llull. She also has a  Masters in Management and Production. She has made shorts and documentaries, and she has been producing experimental, poetic and political films around migration, labor and new ways of repoliticising citizens.
When? Wednesday, 24th of February, at 4pm – 6pm
Where? Muirhead Tower, G15, Edgbaston Campus, University of Birmingham
The activity will be conducted in English and Catalan, with simultaneous translation. We encourage you to come along and discover more about the World Economy through this genius Arcadi Oliveres.
If you are interested in taking part in this activity, just come along to the venue before prior the start of the film.