26th MAY 2011: CREBINSKY

The Galician film Crebinsky will bring the Catalan, Basque and Galician Cinema to an end on Thursday 26th May. It will take place at the Midlands Arts Centre (mac) from 2pm to 4.30.

The Galician director Enrique Otero will attend the event and he will take part in the discussion about the film.
The event is free and all are welcome.

Original title: Crebinsky
Length: 90 min
Year: 2010
Gender: Comedy
Actors: Miguel de Lira, Sergio Zearreta, Luis Tosar, Celso Bugallo.

Torrential rain causes the river to swell, flooding a village.The Crebinsky brothers and their cow miraculously save their lives when they are swept away by the current and they end up somewhere along the coast.
That is where they grow up, at the foot of a lighthouse. They survive collecting things that the sea brings: the “crebas” . Completely isolated from the military events that are taking place around them, they create their own world. A peculiar universe full of imaginative realism.
The normal rhythm of their lives with Muchka, their cow, is shattered when she disappears.The brothers then start a desperate search that will take them from the coast to the interior that will take the spectator on a journey through the stunning Galician landscape. It is a real road movie, an inner journey full of unexpected encounter, dark feelings and erased memories. Not knowing where they are going to, they end up discovering where they come from.

The film is having very good reviews both from critics and audience. It has been presented in several festivals such as the Pusan International Film Festival and it has been recently awarded at the Festival de Málaga.

Some reviews:

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