New technologies in language teaching and learning

The Catalan Language Tutor Raquel Navas and the Basque Language and Culture Instructor Xabier Paya took part in the 1st LCAHM Sharing Best Practice in Teaching and Learning Symposium held in May. Raquel and Xabier talked about the usage of new technologies in language teaching and learning.

Xabier's presentation dealt with BOGA, a a Basque language program (based on Moodle) to help students learn the language through the internet on their own. BOGA is one of the tools created by the Basque Government for the learning of Euskara.

Raquel prepared an interactive explanation of a new software called Turning Point which is based on a voting system that makes engaging your group "a piece of cake". Students get some clickers that they use to ask multiple-choice questions. The instant results show everyone how the group thinks. 

If you want to know more about their presentations, you can read them here!  

Click here to download it!


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