The Centre for Galician Studies is pleased to invite you to a very special event. The Galician poet María Rosendo Priego and the Galician musician Mano Panforreteiro will treat us to a unique experience of poetry, music and unspeakable images.

NÓMADE is a poetry recital in which Feminism and Theatre walk hand in hand.

Please come and join us next Monday 19th November at 2.15 pm at the Barber Concert Hall (The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham).

Everybody is welcome!


María Rosendo Priego Born in 1984, María Rosendo lived in Vigo, the olive tree city, until the age of eighteen when she began a journey that took her through Compostela from inside and out, in the meantime living in Madrid, Sweden, Buenos Aires and Chiapas. In this migration through physical space, the poems also move in search of a space of their own: a space that from now on will be built of capital letters. The spaces she walks through have women’s names, the women in whom she seeks the truth of knowing that we are free. In the spring of 2011, she published her first collection of poems, Nómade, which was awarded the XXIII Xosé María Pérez Pallaré, National Poetry Prize. In 2010 she also won the VII O Condado Feminist Literary Contest. Today she migrates from equinox to equinox in the city of Compostela. She knows that the path to emancipation lies in the strength of women.  

Mano Panforreteiro works in music and in the theatre as a composer, musician and actor. He finds it as fascinating to overcome barriers between disciplines as to remove frontiers between cultures. This concept of artistic work led him to be one of the musicians in Kibitka, to create the spectacle I hear that in New York / Brecht poetry and Eisler songs in exile with the German singer Sabine Müller, and to form duos with the Belorussian accordionist Vadim Yukhnevich, the Belgian saxophonist Anne Gennen and the English concertinist Anthony Dudson; this is the essence of his artistic project Miraquenvén Lookwhoscoming, interconnecting Galician and international artistic work.

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