The mysterious case of the Ashley Building solved!

Have you been following the story of "The Mysterious Case of the Ashley Building"? Three chapters of our photostory had been published up to this moment... and now our students have solved the mystery surrounding the dissapearance of Bethan!

Basque, Catalan, Galician and Portuguese Studies have organized a contest among their students: the different groups have been asked to invent their own final chapter for our famous photostory.

The different versions will be judged by the staff members of the Ashley Building. With their votes they will decide which group has created the best ending for the story and the winners will be rewarded with a delicious prize.

Check the three previous chapters of the series on the following link:

Check the three possible endings on the following link:

And vote by entering one of the codes on the following link: Which chapter did you like the most?


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