KORRIKA 2013 at the University of Birmingham!

The Korrika, or Running, is an exhibition race held bi-annually in the Basque Country in order to celebrate and support the Basque language. The race is organized by the AEK, Basque acronym for the Coordinator of Literacy and Basque Promotion, and is usually scheduled to last two weeks.

This year's Korrika has been held between 14th and 24th March. The students of Basque at the University of Birmingham and a few more enthusiasts decided to get together and participate with our own Korrika Txikia (Little Korrika). We thought of mixing the Basque Korrika with the local tradition of the Easter Egg Hunt, so we ran all over the campus, facing very adverse weather conditions, looking for the treasure hidden somewhere around. Here you are a video of our Korrika/Easter Egg Hunt:

The Korrika 2013 aims to pay homage to all students of Basque anywhere in the world. The chocolate eggs the students of Basque at the University of Birmingham found are meant to be the modest symbol of the appreciation all Basques feel for those trying to learn the language, and more particularly for all the students of Basque here at the University of Birmingham, the ones currently enrolled on a course and the ones who have been with us in previous years.

Eskerrik asko! Gora Korrika! Gora zuek!


  1. This is soooo beautiful!! I am thrilled to see you all having such a good time and spreading Basque culture throughout campus! Shame it was snowing for the hunt but looks like you are having a great time! I miss you! Bethan xx

  2. Tiene mérito veros corriendo por el campus con el tiempo este tan agradable! Aupa!