From the different languages spoken in the Peninsula, you can choose Catalan –and finish your degree with the ability to communicate with Catalan people and take part in a fascinating culture!

Where is Catalan spoken? 
It is an official language in Catalonia, Valencia, Balearic Islands and Andorra. It is also spoken in the south of France and Alghero, Italy. 

By how many people? 
More than 12 million! More than those who speak Portuguese in Europe.                                 


Catalan at the University of Birmingham

Language modules? 
No previous knowledge of Catalan is required and we offer Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels so you can leave the University of Birmingham with a proficient user level (C1)!

     Other modules?
    You can study a variety of modules related to Catalan culture and literature throughout your degree.There is also the possibility of graduating with a Minor in Catalan Studies (please click to see details) if you take the 40 credits pathway of Catalan Studies in each year.  We will also help you to not forget your Catalan after your graduation by offering you the possibility to carry on at a masters and doctoral level in Catalan Studies.



     Year Abroad?

You can spend your Year Abroad in Barcelona or València as an Erasmus student or in a work placement!
Catalan Students in Barcelona on their Year Abroad

Official qualifications?

The University of Birmingham is an examination site for the International Certificate of Catalan corresponding to an official level within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These certificates are approved by all the public universities in Catalonia and the Generalitat for civil service work and will increase your employability profile.

What else?

Catalan it’s not just a Language. There is a whole culture to discover and that is why we have many different activities during the year!

Photo-story in Catalan
Cinema season in Catalan

Christmas Party 
Students in the New Library after screening of Catalan film The Plague

Treasure hunt in Catalan: Yellow team selfie

Treasure hunt in Catalan: Blue Team selfie 

We are looking forward to seeing you!

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact:

Elisenda Marcer (e.marcer@bham.ac.uk), Lecturer in Catalan Studies  

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